Marguerite Aquatics Center, Mission Viejo, CA

The Marguerite Aquatics Center is the home of the Natadores, perhaps the best known development program for Olympic swimmers and divers. The complex centers on a 50-meter x 25-yard competition pool with eight 9-foot lanes flanked by 18-inch washout lanes. The lanes, gutters and anti-wave racing dividers are designed to smooth water during competitions. The pool depth is at the current international competition standard of two meters to three-and-one-half meters.

The complex also includes a 25-meter by 25-yards warm-up pool used in conjunction with the Nadadores diving program. This pool, home to national and international diving meets, includes a 10, 7 and 5-meter platform, with two 1-meter and two 3-meter springboards. A third pool provides more 25-yard lanes for warm-up and training. The support facilities include restrooms, shower and locker facilities, offices, and storage.

Incledon Consulting Group provided full civil engineering design and construction survey services for the reconstruction of the pool decks and support facilities.


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